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Iran Deal: Great diplomatic success, but Teheran must fulfill commitments


18 Jan 2016


Global Europe

After almost a decade the West has lifted the sanctions against Iran. It is a victory of diplomacy that sends an encouraging and strong message. Particularly in view of the current conflicts in the region it is very important that Iran can no longer build nuclear weapons after it dismantls its nuclear programme.

"We welcome that Iran becomes reincorporated into the International community," said Manfred Weber Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament.

"The sanctions were lifted once it was proven that Iran had honored its commitments. This is a positive and strong signal to the people of Iran especially. But nothing is irreversible. In case that Iran doesn't fulfil all the conditions the sanctions could be imposed again. We are very positive with the development but at the same time we keep some reservations," concluded the Chairman of the largest Group in the European Parliament