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Inauguration of BEREC: ETNO welcomes the new body and looks forward to a close cooperation


28 Jan 2010



BRUSSELS – ETNO welcomes the inauguration today of the new Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and anticipates constructive engagement with the new body as a key industry stakeholder.

“BEREC must contribute to a consistent implementation of the revised framework and also to a more proportionate regulation throughout the EU for the benefit of consumers and investors”, says Michael Bartholomew, ETNO Director.

ETNO calls for direct stakeholder involvement in the development of BEREC’s regulatory guidance for the European Commission and national regulatory authorities (NRAs), through regular and timely consultation of stakeholders. ETNO also believes that regulatory guidance whenever possible should be accompanied by a cost-benefit analysis or an impact assessment.

“Transparency and accountability, are the cornerstones of the Regulation establishing BEREC. It is therefore essential that its decision-making is fully transparent and open,” added Bartholomew.

The revised Framework foresees co-operation among BEREC, the Commission and individual NRAs in the notification procedures for the implementation of ex ante regulation.  In this context, ETNO calls for the introduction of a right of affected companies to be heard directly by BEREC in such procedures.

In line with the revised Telecoms Framework, BEREC should strengthen the internal market while at the same time ensuring better targeted regulatory intervention. This should include deregulation where appropriate, especially in view of creating the best conditions for high-risk investments by all players in next generation access networks.

Given its role in providing regulatory advise and assistance to the European Commission and to ensure its efficient and effective operation, BEREC should be established in Brussels to be as close as possible to the European institutions.

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