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HOPE, the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation, welcomes the initiative of the Commission on patient safety.


18 Dec 2008


Health & Consumers

Brussels, 17 December 2008

HOPE was one of the first European organizations to draw the attention at EU level on this issue in a 2004 report. Joining other stakeholders in designing the April 2005 Luxembourg declaration on Patient Safety, HOPE actively participates in building the European Network on Patient Safety.

The draft Council recommendation proposed by the Commission on patient safety avoids being too prescriptive, as strongly suggested by HOPE in preliminary discussions. The working group on patient safety within the High Level Group on Health Services and Medical Care prepared a recommendation that served as the basis of the present Communication and draft Recommendation. This joint work between Member States, Commission and stakeholders was particularly fruitful.

A major element of the draft Recommendation concerns reporting adverse events. Following HOPE position adopted by its Board of Governors in 2006, a comprehensive blame-free reporting and learning systems is recommended. It would gather type and causes of adverse events to develop solutions and interventions.

By being constructive, rather than a punitive or repressive manner, reporting on adverse events should make healthcare providers feel confident that they can report without fear of inappropriate consequences.

It is also worth noting that the draft Recommendation also supports the idea that patient safety is embedded into the education and training of healthcare workers.

Pascal Garel


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