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High-Efficiency, Low-Emissions GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Technology Selected for 40-MW Combined-Cycle Cogeneration Plant near Rome


09 Jun 2011



To make the most efficient and economical use of Italy’s energy resources while minimizing environmental impacts, Termica Colleferro S.p.A. has chosen GE’s (NYSE: GE) path-breaking LM2500+ G4 DLE aeroderivative gas turbine technology for a 40-megawatt (MW) combined-cycle cogeneration power plant in the industrial district of Colleferro, near Rome. Under a €10.5 million contract, GE will provide the gas turbine plus a steam turbine and related equipment to replace an existing installation at the production facilities of Avio Group’s Space Division there. The new plant also will supply energy for a heating system serving nearby industrial facilities.

“This plant is a key part of our efforts to attract additional technology-based organizations to the area,” said Oreste TASSO, CEO, Termica Colleferro S.p.A. “Such companies place a very high value on qualities like energy efficiency and low environmental impact, and the GE technology addresses those needs. Once it is operational, the plant will be able to produce 300 GWh/year of electric energy and 110 GWh/year of thermal energy, which is important because Italy is a net importer of electricity. Therefore, we see it in all respects as fundamental to the growth and development of exciting new initiatives here.”

GE’s LM2500+ G4 DLE gas turbine brings the flexibility needed to address today’s complicated energy, industrial and regulatory requirements. It is the first aeroderivative unit to combine fast start up and large power output with high energy efficiencies regardless of fuel source. Its dry low emissions technology achieves world-class emissions performance across the entire operating range from the instant of start up to full rated power output. It is built upon GE’s LM2500 heritage, a proven and economic gas turbine design derived from the engines that power the world’s aircraft, with decades of operating experience, thousands of worldwide installations and the world’s highest levels of reliability and availability.

At the same time, the technology helps utilities take advantage of the growing trend to use abundant, cleaner-burning natural gas for power generation. In addition to being a cleaner-burning fuel and a better fit for flexible, efficient power generation, emerging exploration and production technologies are bringing record amounts of natural gas to market. This increase in global natural gas production will help ensure reliable supply and a consistent price structure, making the fuel an economically viable, dependable solution moving forward. Natural gas also enables the integration of more renewable energy onto power grids by filling the gap when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

Further driving efficiency and cost savings for the customer, waste heat from the 28.6-MW gas turbine’s exhaust will be captured and used to generate steam to power the steam turbine, thus increasing the plant’s overall output to 40 MW. Most of this heat also will be used in the AVIO factory both as process steam and for the heating system to maximize energy-efficiency Termica Colleferro is a joint company formed by Seci Energia (itself part of the Maccaferri Industrial Group) and Avio Group, a worldwide leader in the aerospace sector. The plant is expected to begin commercial operation in January 2012.

“The Colleferro project is a terrific example of how GE is helping customers meet critical power needs with flexible technologies,” said Darryl Wilson, vice president—aeroderivative gas turbines for GE Power & Water. “Large output, energy efficiency, fuel flexibility, low environmental impact and low operational and maintenance costs—these are increasingly important customer requirements and we have developed innovative products such as this to address them specifically.”


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