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Health Check of the CAP: a compromise which weakens farmers’ incomes


21 Nov 2008


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Health Check of the CAP: a compromise which weakens farmers’ incomes

Reacting to the political compromise reached by EU agriculture ministers on the Health Check,

the Presidents of Copa and Cogeca were extremely disappointed with the final result. Speaking

as the President of Copa, Jean-Michel Lemétayer says the outcome is clear and unambiguous.

“We don’t see how the measures decided upon for the sectors are going to allow farmers’

incomes to be secured especially during this current crisis. Furthermore, increasing the levels of

modulation is going to penalise farmers’ incomes directly. No one can be satisfied with this


According to the President of Cogeca, Mr Gert Van Dijk, this text is one step closer to the CAP

becoming less and less common. “Now more than ever before we need a truly common

European agricultural policy and one which is less complicated. What we see between the lines

of the compromise is the very opposite: a CAP which is less and less common and increasingly

complex to implement and to explain to our citizens. Outwardly, the main instruments for

managing the European market are being retained but they are being reduced to zero. Above all,

it is essential not to lose sight of the fact that a key objective of the CAP must be to ensure that

food supplies are stable, reliable and safe for our consumers.”

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