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GUE/NGL demands cancellation of illegal EU-Morocco fisheries agreement


11 Mar 2010


Global Europe

GUE-NGL MEPs João Ferreira and Willy Meyer have put a question to the Commission demanding the suspension and revision of the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement on grounds that it is illegal. 

At the last meeting of the Committee on Fisheries of the European Parliament (23/02/2010), in which a report by the Legal Service of the Parliament was discussed, it was stated that it is not possible to confirm that the agreement complies with international law. "We have always opposed this fisheries agreement as it considered Western Saharan waters as Moroccan, therefore recognising Morocco's occupation of Western Sahara and making the EU an accessory to this occupation" the MEPs said.

In 2006 GUE/NGL submitted several proposals to amend this fisheries agreement, based on respect for international law and the exclusion of Western Sahara waters from the agreement, limiting it only to waters north of latitude 27 º 40 'N . Despite its non-compliance with international law, the agreement entered into force on 28 February 2007. 

The agreement conflicts with international law and the legitimate rights of the Saharawi people. As established in UN resolutions, and because it is in illegal occupation, Morocco has no sovereignty over Western Sahara or over their natural resources. 

Any agreement with Morocco that includes the exploitation of natural resources of Western Sahara is therefore a clear violation of international law. The joint declaration on the EU-Morocco summit last Sunday, which included a weak statement on the Saharawi question and an agreement to work towards creating a common economic space, is unacceptable. The GUE/NGL will continue the struggle for the immediate suspension of this illegal agreement, which gravely disregards the rights of the Saharawi people.


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