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Greening the Fleet: Green Post Project shows environmental and cost benefits from changing to electric and hybrid vehicles


29 Jun 2010


Climate & Environment

The postal industry delivers millions of letters and parcels each day and is one of the everyday facts of life for European citizens.  As such, the industry takes its environmental impact seriously and has committed to reducing its CO2 emissions.  PostEurop, the European association of public postal operators, has today released the findings of its Green Post project, funded as part of the European Commission’s Sustainable Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

The Green Post project demonstrated the potential savings in carbon emissions which could be made by greening the postal fleet in Europe.  The benefits of the project went beyond the environmental to the economic as analysis showed that substantial cost savings can also be made by upgrading the fleet to more energy-efficient and environmentally-sound vehicles. 

Postal services in Belgium, Hungary, Italy as well as Bulgaria through cooperation with University of Rousse Angel Kanchev, took part in the project as a test case to trial electric and hybrid vehicles in a wide range of conditions.  These postal services are front-runners in reducing the environmental impact of their postal delivery services.

PostEurop Secretary General Botond Szebeny said “Postal services touch the daily lives of European citizens, so it is right that our industry takes a leadership role in terms of sustainability.  The Green Post project showed how the three pillars of sustainable development - environmental, economic and social - can be met by greening the postal fleet.”

The Green Post project report can be downloaded at:

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