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Gourmey joins EuropaBio: Pioneering Sustainable Cultivated Meat


14 Mar 2024




Brussels, Belgium – 14 March 2024 - EuropaBio, is delighted to announce the newest addition to its  membership, France's pioneering cultivated meat company, Gourmey,  

Founded in 2019, Gourmey creates sustainable restaurant-grade meats from real animal cells,  

contributing to new ways of animal protein production while minimising the environmental impact. 

While meat consumption is expected to increase by over 70% by 2050, climate change and animal  

diseases such as bird flu impact agricultural capacity. 

To enhance European resilience and competitiveness in the global food supply chain, Gourmey is  

working to accelerate the world’s transition toward more ethical and sustainable food products. This  aligns with EuropaBio's mission to foster innovation, sustainability and progress through 


We are thrilled to welcome Gourmey to EuropaBio,” said Dr. Claire Skentelbery, Director General of  EuropaBio. “Pioneering biotechnology companies are emerging to help secure European food  

production, whilst contributing towards sustainable agriculture. EuropaBio advocates for a faster  

route to market than Europe currently offers compared to other regions, so that we can fulfil Green  

Deal objectives and create a competitive future from our own amazing research base. Such  

companies are the future of European innovation and resilience and need to be recognised as such.” 

Nicolas Morin-Forest, CEO and Co-founder at Gourmey said "Our mission is to transform cultivated  

meat by marrying culinary heritage with cutting-edge innovation—without compromising on quality or  

safety. Our flagship product, a cultivated version of iconic foie gras, demonstrates how tradition and  

innovation can coexist. 

We're committed to addressing the regulatory, policy and scale-up challenges in the EU to build a  

resilient and innovative food system in Europe. Biotech food production is a critical technology - and  

therefore we need to keep it in and for the European Union to support European food sovereignty". 



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