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Glass industry has solutions ready to address the challenges identified in the CARS 21 report


06 Jun 2012



Brussels 06 June 2012: Glass for Europe welcomes the CARS 21 report which was presented today by the European Commission. Fuel efficiency, electro-mobility, improved road safety are identified as key components of Europe’s policy for the future of road transport and advanced automotive glass solutions offer a vast array of solutions and new possibilities in all these fields.

On the occasion of the release of the CARS 21, Glass for Europe is proud to unveil its new brochure on the contributions of glass to innovative, green and safe transport solutions for Europe. As a driver or as a passenger, we all see our environment through glass without realizing what it really brings to our vehicles. The purpose of this new publication is to shed light on the many functions and benefits that glass brings to cars and transport.

Automotive glass products are key contributors to innovative, state-of-the-art vehicles which require less energy to be powered. As part of the structural body of cars, it is built to last and resist all weather and road conditions but it also ensures the highest levels of safety and it contributes to fuel efficiency’ says Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe.

As Europe elaborates its policy for the future of road transport, now is the right moment for Glass for Europe to raise policy makers’ awareness on the added-value of automotive glass technologies and to inform the European policy debate’ he added.

Paper copies of this brochure can be requested to the Glass for Europe secretariat – - and an online version can be consulted on the web:


About Glass for Europe

Glass for Europe is the trade association for Europe’s manufacturers of flat glass. Flat glass is the material that goes into a variety of end-products and primarily in windows and façades for buildings, windscreens and windows for automotive and transport as well as glass covers, connectors and mirrors for solar-energy equipments. Flat glass is also used for many other applications such as furniture, electronics, appliances, etc.

Glass for Europe has four members: AGC Glass Europe, NSG-Group, Saint-Gobain Glass / Sekurit and Sisecam / Trakya Cam and works in association with Guardian. Altogether, these five companies represent 90% of Europe’s flat glass production and supply nearly all the advanced technology glazing used by all European-based automotive manufacturers.

Glass products not only provide light, comfort, style, security and safety, they primarily contribute to innovative, green and safe transport solutions for Europe.


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