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GE Seminar Promotes Safety at Work for the Wind Energy Market in Italy


15 Jun 2010


Climate & Environment

CALABRIA, ITALY—June 10, 2010—GE (NYSE: GE) is strengthening its commitment to safety at work in the wind-energy sector at its third annual EHS Seminar (environment, health and safety) being held today at the THotel Lamezia, located in Lamezia Terme (CZ), Calabria, Italy. The theme of the seminar is “The Safety Culture and Its Application in the Wind Business.” The Italian Workers’ Compensation Authority (INAIL) is co-sponsoring the seminar, and representatives will be present at the event to illustrate the national commitment to safety at work and emphasize the cost savings associated with having a safe workplace. 

Italy’s wind market is increasing. In 2009, the installed fleet increased by 30 percent, and it is expected that wind power will expand from 4,850 megawatts to 16,200 megawatts by 2020. With these increases, safety at work becomes an even larger concern. 

“GE is very committed to creating a healthy and safe place to work,” said Diarmaid Mulholland, vice president—wind services for GE Power & Water. “At this seminar, we will review all aspects of safety in the workplace. We are pleased to be working with INAIL to bring this important message to the forefront in Italy.”

Representatives from Falck Renewables also will attend to comment upon the importance of collaboration between customer and supplier. Falck Renewables is the owner of the San Sostene (CZ) wind park, which will be inaugurated on Friday, June 11, 2010. The wind farm features 43 wind turbines, for a total installed capacity of 79.5 megawatts. GE supplied 28 of its 1.5-megawatt wind turbines for a total capacity of 42 megawatts. GE’s units entered commercial operation in November 2009. The wind farm has a total expected production of around 180 GWh per year, which can satisfy the energy needs of about 70,000 households, saving approximately the equivalent of 100,000 tons of CO2 each year. 

GE executives will be joined by experts from the INAIL, Falck Renewables and Catanzaro’s Fire Brigade to present the seminar sessions, which will explore themes such as:

“GE and the Safety Culture in the Wind Business, “ 

“The Costs of Non-Safety in Relation to the New Amalgamated Law,” 

“Manage an Emergency Operation on a Wind Farm,” 

“Constructive Collaboration Between Customer & Supplier Brings Important                      Benefits to Society,” and

“Practical Safety Applications.” 

INAIL pursues several objectives including the reduction of accidents at work, the insurance of workers involved in risky activities and the re-integration in the labor market and in the social lives of work accident victims. With a goal of reducing the number of workplace accidents, INAIL has implemented a number of important tools to continually monitor employment and accident trends, it provides small and medium size enterprises with training and advice in the field of prevention and funds companies that decide to invest in the improvement of safety.

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