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Fitto: The ship is sinking but it's left on cruise control


15 Mar 2017


EU Priorities 2020
Global Europe

Speaking in the future of Europe debate in Strasbourg, ECR Group Vice Chairman Raffaele Fitto argued that the EU has become too centralised and distant from its citizens. He insisted that the EU needs to radically change direction and become more flexible and transparent.

Mr Fitto said: “Politicians can be divided into two categories. Those that are guided by reason and prepared to acknowledge when mistakes have been made or when a policy is not working. And those who are guided purely by ideology, prescribing the same failed solutions in the misguided hope that reality will somehow change.

In Europe, too often when somebody tells thing as they are they get brushed off as either not an expert or an anti-European.

Against rising criticism, we need to ask ‘why do voters feel this way?‘ Simply blaming voters for their views will never be a good idea, the EU must step back and examine its own failings.

The drive to ever closer union has become the dogma to justify centralisation and marginalise Member States. The EU has become too centralised and too remote from its citizens. There can no longer be further transfers of powers to the European level without democratic guarantees for Member States and full control by citizens.

Europe must be more flexible, open and transparent. It must recognise the differences between Member States and end the continued drive towards a false and forced unity.”



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