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"European Union united for a sustainable energy future:Agreement on the new EU Directive on Renewable Energy"


09 Dec 2008

Brussels, 9th December 2008. EU Parliament delegation, EU Council and European Commission agreed today on the EU Directive on Renewable Energy. The Directive sets ambitious rules to put renewable energy at top of energy mix. Deal must not be re-opened in European Summit this week under French EU Presidency.

In a final "trialogue" negotiation session this morning, the delegation of the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission agreed today on the new Directive on Renewable Energy. Mechtild Rothe, President EUFORES and Vice-President European Parliament, welcomes the result: "The compromise paves the way for a share of at least 20% of renewable energy in the EU by the year 2020. Doing so, the European Union finally opens the door to the age of renewable energy and a sustainable energy future."

The Renewable Energy Directive sets the goal of increasing renewable energy's share of the market to 20% by 2020, from around 8.5% today, by means of binding national targets. For all countries, 10% of energy used in transport will have to come from renewables. Member states will have to clearly set out how they will meet
those targets through detailed national action plans. The EU Commission will have full power to monitor these plans and launch infringement procedures against member states not implementing the directive.

Commenting on the deal, Claude Turmes, European Parliament draftsman, negotiator and Vice-President EUFORES, said: "This deal on new renewables rules is a source of encouragement at the beginning of the week in which EU leaders will meet to decide on whether the EU keeps its leadership and credibility on climate

Turmes added: "The legislation on renewable energy is a central plank of the EU's climate package. An ambitious drive for renewables in all 27 member states will also significantly reduce EU's dependency on traditional energy imports, putting renewables at the top of Europe's energy mix. It will ensure EU leadership in forward-looking green technologies."

The final decisions on the Directive will be made on the EU summit this week and in the plenary vote of the European Parliament in Strasbourg next week.

Fiona Hall, MEP and Vice-President EUFORES, stressed: "At a time when unemployment is rising everywhere, this deal is positive for industry. Member States will now have to invest seriously in renewable technology to achieve their targets and this will lead to the creation of many green collar jobs."

In the light of the EU summit this week, Mechtild Rothe warned: "The agreement is a great signal for Europe's economy and sustainable energy future. It is of utmost importance that the EU Summit does not re-open the deal with the European Parliament. This would put this historic piece of legislation for renewable energy and
climate policy at risk."

EUFORES - the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources - is a European parliamentary network and anindependent Non-Profit Organization aimed at promoting renewable energy in Europe.

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