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European public transport operators lay out priorities for urban mobility in EU


19 Mar 2008



The EU Committee of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) has just submitted to the European institutions its priority areas for developing a European policy on sustainable urban mobility.

Last September the European Commission published a Green paper on urban transport, ‘Towards a new culture for urban mobility’, thereby marking the start of a consultation phase which will result in an Action Plan on urban mobility. UITP’s recent position came in response to this consultation.

The priorities of UITP’s EU Committee are:

1. Ensuring coherence of all European policies and initiatives;

2. Introducing binding requirements to regularly measure CO2 emissions in agglomerations;

3. Introducing binding requirements to develop long-term sustainable urban transport plans;

4. Supporting communications and awareness campaigns that promote more sustainable transport modes;

5. Developing a European observatory for urban mobility.

“These elements are a condition sine qua non for enabling informed decisions at local level facilitating sustainable urban mobility,” stated Guido de Mese, Chairperson of UITP’s EU Committee. “For sustainable urban mobility, we need well informed and courageous decisions at local and regional levels.”

Through UITP’s EU Committee, European public transport operators plan to continue to be closely involved in the elaboration of the European Commission’s Action Plan on urban mobility, which is due to be adopted in October this year.

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Notes for editors

UITP is the international network for public transport authorities and operators, policy decision-makers, scientific institutes and the public transport supply and service industry. It is a platform for worldwide co-operation, business development and the sharing of know-how between its 3,100 members from 90 countries. UITP is the global advocate for public transport and sustainable mobility, and the promoter of innovations in the sector.

The UITP EU Committee was established in 1965. The objective of the EU Committee and its secretariat, EuroTeam, is to represent the common interests of public transport undertakings to the EU institutions. It monitors legislation and provides members with information regarding EU policy developments, prepares EU Committee positions papers, and assists and advises members concerning all aspects of European policies related to the public transport sector.

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