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European Public Sector Award – EPSA 2011: “The run-up to the Final Event and Ceremony has started with 58 applications being awarded a Best Practice Certificate.”


18 Jul 2011


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The EPSA 2011 Team at EIPA is pleased to announce that, following the three evaluation steps out of four completed so far, 58 applications from among the 274 submitted have been chosen to receive a Best Practice Certificate. These 58 applications were submitted by 18 countries in total, across the three EPSA 2011 themes.

This list (attached) also includes the 21 shortlisted applications to which on-site visits were made in June for validation purposes and which will now be recommended for the next and final evaluation step – the jury meeting. This is due to take place on 5 September at EIPA Maastricht, during which the 15 nominees and three EPSA 2011 winners will be chosen.

The prizes for the award winners and nominees for each theme will be presented during a celebratory Award Ceremony which will take place on 15-17 November 2011 in Maastricht (NL).

This event will be split into three days: on the first day, in the evening of Tuesday 15 November at the Maastricht Town Hall, the EPSA 2011 Best Practice Certificates will be presented to the respective delegations, with speeches by our host, the Mayor of Maastricht, Onno Hoes, and our Director-General, Prof. Dr Marga Pröhl.

On Wednesday 16 November, three thematic workshops will take place at the EIPA Maastricht premises. During the workshops, the 15 nominees will present their respective applications, highlighting the reasons behind their decision to run for the EPSA 2011 trophies. The workshops will be accompanied by the announcements of the “trends in practices” from the EPSA 2011 scheme, based on the research work carried out by the EIPA faculty on the three official themes. On the evening of the same day, a joint dinner will bring together all the guests.

The pinnacle of the whole event will be the Award Ceremony that will take place on Thursday 17 November at the Provincial Government Buildings located along the river Meuse in Maastricht, with keynote speeches by high-level personalities as well as our host, the Queen’s Commissioner for the Province of Limburg. This will be followed by the Award Ceremony itself, during which the winners will finally be announced and presented with the EPSA 2011 trophy.

Updated information about this three-day event will soon be available on our website under the heading “Final Event and Ceremony”.

The EPSA 2011 is an award for outstanding administrative performances across all levels of the public sector. For more information, please consult:

 “Assess Yourself and Learn from the Best”

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Maastricht (NL), 18 July 2011

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