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European Parliament, ITRE committee gives green light to 40% binding energy efficiency target


28 Nov 2017


Sustainable Dev.
Brussels 28 November -  European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee for the 5th time across two legislatures voted in favour of a binding 40% Energy Efficiency target for the period 2021-2030, together with the continuation of the most important end-use mechanism Art 7 (Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes).  A crucial step towards Europe’s leadership on COP21 has once again been confirmed, following the Plenary vote, a united Parliament trialogue team is needed uphold this leadership.
The ITRE committee adopted this morning its report on the Energy Efficiency Directive with 33 in favour, 30 against and 2 abstentions. This vote includes the adoption of two key compromise amendments (CA), namely, CA1 (on a 40% binding energy efficiency target for 2030) and CA4 (on Art 7 , at least 1.5% annual end use savings per year until 2030). 
Today’s positive outcome in ITRE is illustrative of the fact that 76% of our efforts towards COP21 must come from energy efficiency, and that Members of the Parliament are willing and ready to take on leadership, by setting ambitious goals and ensuring the continuity of key policy drivers such as Art 7 , which is key for the market transformation towards a more efficient and sustainable EU building stock, and exemplary role of public buildings”. Jan te Bos, Director General of Eurima.
Energy Efficiency First, by tapping into the savings in the buildings sector is the only cost effective way to bridge the gap between reality and the COP21 objectives. In this regard the outcomes of the EPBD and EED show that the Parliament ITRE committee is ready to send a strong signal to the building renovation market, recognising the multiple benefits hereby connected.
The energy efficiency industry, including mineral wool manufacturers, warmly welcome the result of the vote” added Pascal Eveillard, President of Eurima; “A stronger Art. 7, with long-term perspective, means certainty for energy renovation investments, jobs and lower energy bills for consumers. This financial stream is crucial to support clear long term renovation strategies and the genuine transformation of our buildings into low energy, hence smart and resilient assets for the energy transition”.
It’s time to show climate leadership both in the EU towards our global partners, Eurima therefore calls on the tripartite negotiators to take a united front, and to ultimately agree on a revised legal framework for 2030 on energy efficiency which his fully aligned with our Paris climate commitment. 
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