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Europe on Track stops at the European Youth Event 2014 in the European Parliament in Strasbourg


09 May 2014


EU Elections 2014
EU Priorities 2020

Europe on Track”, winner of the 2013 European Charlemagne Youth Prize, invites you to join the presentation of the results of the project, summarised in a documentary. The session will take place on Saturday May 10th in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and it will be presented by Mrs Katrin Ruhrmann, Director for Information Offices of European Parliament, and Mrs Bettina Leysen, Vice-chairwomen of the Charlemagne Prize Foundation.

During the first edition of the project in 2012, hundreds of young Europeans engaged in discussions tackling the most pressing issues that our generation is facing: What can young people expect from Europe?  How can we preserve our present and sustain our future? The Europe on Track ambassadors discussed the topics of the project (Youth Participation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship) in the 35 cities they visited, giving young Europeans the chance to speak up and contribute to build a better Europe up.

In the run-up to the European elections, Europe on Track celebrates a new edition, and this year we will take the opportunity that the European Youth Event offers to share the conclusions of our travel with 5000 young Europeans. Réka Salamon, project coordinator, and Mathieu Soete, ambassador of the 1st edition, will lead the session on Saturday.

The second edition of Europe on Track has visited 25 cities in 16 countries, reaching for the first time the Baltics and Ukraine, and discussing mobility programmes, youth employment, youth participations and europtimism. A special focus has been paid to the European Parliament Elections of May 22-25th.

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The “Europe on Track” project was launched to advocate for a better future for European youth. Six travellers divided in two teams have been traveling across the European continent by train during one month, with the goal of interviewing young people about their vision of Europe. You can follow the updates of ‘Europe on track’ on the website (, Facebook page (, and Twitter ( of the project.

About AEGEE-Europe:

AEGEE was born 29 years ago with the vision of creating a unified Europe, based on democracy and respect for human rights, bringing together students with different cultural backgrounds. Today, AEGEE is Europe’s largest interdisciplinary youth organisation: 40 countries, 200 cities, 13 000 friends. This network provides the ideal platform for young volunteers to work together on cross-border activities such as international conferences, seminars, exchanges, training courses and case study trips.