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EuropaBio welcomes European Parliament vote on compulsory licensing regulation but expresses concerns about undermining of intellectual property rights


14 Mar 2024




Brussels, Belgium - 14 March 2024 - EuropaBio, the association representing Europe’s biotechnology  industry, welcomes the European Parliament vote on the compulsory licensing regulation which  brings several improvements from the Commission’s initial proposal. We appreciate the Parliament’s  position to strengthen rights of patent holders to be heard, promote the use of voluntary agreement, and ensure compulsory licensing is used as a last resort mechanism.  

We remain concerned that the Regulation risks eroding intellectual property rights (IPR) and make it  more difficult for biotech companies, in particular small to mid-size companies for which IPR is the key  value to their existence, to protect their innovation. The fact that patent applications remain in the  scope of the Regulation and that patent holders would be required to share know-how and trade  secrets from patent holders will have negative impact of the entire biotech ecosystem worldwide.  Undermining our IP framework will only increase our dependency on other regions as innovators  commit into countries that recognise IP as a as the main driver for innovation. 

IPRs are essential to the growth of biotechnology innovation and to enable scientific breakthrough to  be translated into real-life applications. In highly competitive industries such as biotechnology, IPRs  are essential to encourage industrial applications, safeguard investments into innovative research, and  enable smaller companies without a substantial capital base to access financing in an already  challenging European venture capital landscape.  

Dr Claire Skentelbery, Director General of EuropaBio said: “As a global race is underway to leverage  the full potential of biotechnology for people and planet, this sends the wrong message to  biotechnology innovators worldwide. If Europe is to become a leader in biotech innovation, its policies  must guarantee the protection and value of innovation. 

EuropaBio remains committed to working with policymakers and stakeholders to ensure the proposal  does not negatively impact the capacity of innovative biotech industries to deliver on the EU’s  strategic objectives.