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EUROCIETT welcomes the adoption of the agency work directive by the European Parliament


27 Oct 2008


Innovation & Enterprise
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This new EU regulatory framework will allow for the sound development of the industry and improve the recognition of the temporary agency work’s contribution
to a better functioning labour market  

Brussels, 22nd October 2008: Following today’s vote on the Agency Work Directive by the European Parliament, Eurociett welcomes the adoption of this new piece of EU regulation which was blocked for many years. Eurociett especially welcomes the fact that the text passed by MEPs is broadly in line with the Joint Declaration1
signed by Eurociett & Uni-Europa last May.
Looking now at the next stage, Eurociett calls on EU Member States to use the implementation process of the Agency Work Directive to:
1.  Review the prohibitions or restrictions that apply on the use of temporary agency work, and lift the ones that are not justified or proportionate, such as bans on use of temporary agency work in the Public Sector in Belgium, France and Spain. Other discriminatory restrictions to be lifted could include prohibition for temporary work agencies to provide extra HR services or limited numbers of reasons for use of temporary agency work (use restricted only to certain situations such as seasonal peaks or unexpected workload).
2.  Consult the sectoral social partners when transposing the equal treatment principle, in order to take into account the specificity of the national markets.