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EuroACE live polling: Awareness about energy efficiency improves but perceptions still vary


03 Jul 2012



EUSEW 2012: Energy Efficiency in Buildings – Quizzing the Stakeholders

There is increasing awareness about the challenges and benefits of undertaking energy efficiency measures in buildings but perceptions vary when it comes to understanding the drivers that lead organizations and companies to take concrete action.

This is what comes out from the results of the live polling event undertaken by the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EuroACE) and the Institute for Building Efficiency (IBE) during the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). The event tested 120 business members, policy-makers, financial institutions and key stakeholders in energy efficiency about their current understanding of energy efficiency in buildings. 

On the topic of financing energy efficiency in buildings and the related energy savings potential using available technology, experts were well-aware of the economic and societal benefits:

-  Nearly 70% of participants  knew that it is possible to achieve over 80% reduction in energy use in buildings with available technologies;

-  Over 80% of participants were conscious that buildings represent 40% of all energy consumed in Europe; and

-  Nearly 65% were aware that every €1 of public investment in energy efficiency of buildings can result in a return on investment of up to €5.

Some knowledge gaps did however appear amongst the participants, particularly with regard to the number of direct new jobs which are created in Europe for every 1 million euro invested in ambitious energy efficiency measures in buildings (less than 40% selected the correct answer of 19).

“The awareness and understanding demonstrated by many of the experts in the room about the vast benefits of energy efficiency in buildings is a positive signal” explained Adrian Joyce, Secretary General of EuroACE. “This means that our message is really getting out there.  But more still needs to be done to ensure that this knowledge translates into concrete actions for the building sector to unlock the huge energy savings potential”.

Key to triggering concrete actions is a better understanding of the drivers and barriers which prevent the uptake of energy efficiency measures in buildings.  The Institute for Building Efficiency’s Energy Efficiency Indicator survey is crucial in that respect, by offering insight into 944 European executives’ priorities, motivations and management approaches, as well as uncovering barriers that prevent organizations from implementing energy efficiency.

Jennifer Layke, Director, Institute for Building Efficiency, who presented the results from this new survey at the EUSEW event, explained: "Cost savings and government incentives are the top influencers driving an increased focus on energy efficiency in buildings in Europe, according to the results of the 6thannual Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) survey. Interest is growing in improving the energy efficiency of buildings to achieve sustainability goals, while lack of financing remains the biggest top barrier to pursuing energy efficiency.”

Interested to know whether your colleagues have their facts straight when it comes to energy efficiency in buildings? Download the questions online to find out:

For more information on this year’s Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey, visit:

Press contact:

Adrian Joyce (for EuroACE),; +32 2 639 10 10

Kari Pfisterer (for EEI survey),; +1 414 524 4017