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EUREAU Statistics overview on the water sector in Europe


11 Jun 2009


Sustainable Dev.
Climate & Environment

EUREAU is the European federation of national associations of drinking water suppliers and waste water services. EUREAU’s members represent more than 10.000 drinking water & waste water utilities across Europe that provide sustainable water services to more than 400 million European citizens.

For the first time, EUREAU will publish a comprehensive statistics overview on the water sector in its members, providing to policy makers, environmental agencies, stakeholders and journalists a unique combination of data directly issued from the drinking water and waste water industry.

“It has been a long work to collect and present elements aiming to help EUREAU to develop its views on what should be the future of the water policy, views therefore based on key figures. There was a large demand from different actors of the water sector for numbers from the practitioners that we are. It is now available, transparent, documented and we hope for the benefits of the decision making” said Pierre-Yves Monette, the Secretary general of the Brussels based Federation.

The documents that will be officially presented at the occasion of the Green week is divided in four sectors : an introduction, a country profile for each of the 30 countries members of EUREAU, a profile of the all European water sector and conclusions.

“We decided to publish it during the Green week because we believe and want to recall that our planet is blue there is no green without blue”, stated M. Monette.

EUREAU invites all interested persons for the Press Conference by Pierre-Yves Monette and Daniel Villesot, Past-President of EUREAU, to be held on the 23th of June at 18:00 at the office of EURACTIV (International Press Center, 1, Bd. Charlemagne, 1041 Brussels). The presentation will be followed by a cocktail

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