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EURACTIV welcomes Slovenian Press Agency STA into its Media Network for Europe


20 Apr 2021
This month, EURACTIV’s Media Network for Europe has expanded to include Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija (STA). “We are very pleased to be deepening our partnership with STA and at a critical moment. With the forthcoming Slovenian Council Presidency we look forward to working with STA on producing high-quality news and analysis for our readers. The collaboration with free media across Europe has been and will always be EURACTIV’s core value” comments Sarantis Michalopoulos, Network Editor for EURACTIV.
STA was established in 1991 as Slovenia’s national press agency and receives public funding. It provides coverage of events in Slovenia and around the world, in both Slovenian and English. Throughout 2021, STA has been criticised by Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa for its news coverage and is facing serious financial pressure after the government suspended funding of the agency's public service.
On STA joining the Media Network for Europe at this moment, “STA has always selected partners that are highly professional and we are delighted that we are entering into such a partnership with EURACTIV. This collaboration will also strengthen STA's international visibility,” says director general Bojan Veselinovič.