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EURACTIV welcomes free Hungarian media outlet into its Media Network for Europe


10 Feb 2021



The EURACTIV Media Network is happy to announce further growth of its Media Network for Europe. As of February 2021, joins as the network’s first Hungarian partner. “In a continuously shrinking space for free and responsible media in Europe, Telex represents hope, and EURACTIV is proud to amplify their voice across its Network,” comments Sarantis Michalopoulos, Network Editor for EURACTIV.


Telex was launched in 2020 by journalists, editors and product staff who collectively resigned from after the ousting of the market-leading site’s editor-in-chief. Telex has managed to build a substantial Hungarian-language audience and plays a crucial role as one of the few free and independent media outlets, contributing to democratic participation and bolstering civil society in Hungary. 

EURACTIV’s Media Network for Europe brings together a combination of independent and integrated offices from 13 European capitals. They provide free and localised EU policy news in as many languages and play a crucial role in bringing the European Union closer to the citizens. Together the EURACTIV Media Network for Europe is able to reach over 80% of EU citizens in their native language.