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EU registration of aluminium extrusion imports from China step forward in fight against dumping


24 Aug 2020



Today, the European Commission announced aluminium extrusions from China will be subject to registration by national customs authorities as of 25 August 2020 in the context of the ongoing extrusions anti-dumping investigation initiated in February this year. European Aluminium applauds this move and urges the Commission to adopt effective anti-dumping duties as soon as possible.

On 14 February, the European Commission announced the opening of an anti-dumping investigation into aluminium extrusions originating from China. The investigation follows a complaint by European Aluminium whose member companies are negatively impacted by the dumping of Chinese aluminium extrusions. Chinese imports of extrusions have reached a significant market share and Chinese imports of semi-fabricated aluminium products have more than doubled in the past five years.

With today’s announcement, the European Commission has directed the customs authorities to take the appropriate steps to register imports, so that anti-dumping measures may subsequently (and retroactively) be applied against those imports from the date of registration.

“We applaud the Commission for taking this necessary and bold measure. This clearly underlines the Commission’s commitment to protecting the European aluminium industry from the damaging effects of unfair trade. We hope the registration measure will very soon be followed by effective anti-dumping measures that can more structurally address these issues,” commented Gerd Götz, European Aluminium’s Director General.

In addition to the ongoing extrusions anti-dumping investigation, the European Commission announced the opening of an anti-dumping investigation into certain aluminium flat rolled products originating from China on 14 August. The European Union is one of the few major markets still largely unprotected against dumped aluminium products from China.

Note to editors:

The products subject to the registration are aluminium bars, rods, profiles (whether or not hollow), tubes, pipes; unassembled; whether or not prepared for use in structures (e.g., cut-to-length, drilled, bent, chamfered, threaded); made from aluminium, whether or not alloyed, containing not more than 99.3 % of aluminium.

The products concerned are commonly referred to as ‘extrusions,’ referring to their most common manufacturing process even if the product concerned can also be produced by other production processes such as rolling, forging or casting.

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