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EU court ruling backs EU rules and ensures national support schemes valid


01 Jul 2014


Climate & Environment
Renewable energy

The European Court of Justice today ruled to uphold the provisions of EU legislation on renewable energy, notably on the prerogative of national renewable energy support schemes. Commenting on the decision in the Aland case, Green energy spokesperson Claude Turmes stated:

"We welcome today's decision which upholds the EU's successful legislation on renewable energy and the prerogatives of national renewable energy support schemes. The Court ruled that the restriction of national support schemes to national operators is justified by the public interest objective of promoting the use of renewable energy sources. This does not question the possibilities for EU member states to cooperate on a regional basis (through joint support schemes, joint projects or statistical transfers), as this is already foreseen under EU law.

"This ruling must serve as a warning to the European Commission, which has already tried to undermine this fundamental element of the EU renewable energy directive by bullying the German government to exempt imported electricity from contributing to the support of renewable energy. Those in the Commission constantly trying to undermine standing EU law must take heed of this ruling.

"The draft EU energy and climate framework for 2030 must take account of the national circumstances reflected in support schemes for renewable energy. Building on the success of the existing 2020 renewable energy target, it must also include a binding 45% renewables target for 2030."


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