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EU Council approves landmark Nature Restoration Law: A victory for the Green Deal


17 Jun 2024


Climate & Environment

Today, the EU Council reached a significant milestone by approving the Nature Restoration Law, a critical component of the Green Deal, championed by the S&D Group in the European Parliament.

This pioneering legislation aims to restore at least 20% of the EU’s land and sea areas by 2030, and all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050. Healthy ecosystems are essential allies in the fight against climate change and will complement efforts to reduce emissions. Additionally, restored ecosystems will provide numerous benefits, including increased food security and enhanced well-being for all citizens.

César Luena, S&D MEP and the European Parliament's chief negotiator on the Nature Restoration Law, said:

“Today marks a significant day for Europe as we transition from merely protecting and conserving nature to actively restoring it. This new law will help us meet many of our international environmental commitments. The regulation aims to restore degraded ecosystems while respecting the needs of the agricultural sector by allowing flexibility for member states. I extend my gratitude to the scientists for their invaluable evidence and efforts against climate denial, and to the youth and all citizens who supported this vital law.

“The determination of the Socialists and Democrats has been pivotal in securing this legislation. We built a majority, and nature emerged victorious!”

Mohammed Chahim, S&D vice-president for the Green Deal, said:

“After months of uncertainty and political games, I am relieved that the Nature Restoration Law has finally been approved by the Council. Restoring nature is essential to meet our climate targets and will bring numerous benefits to farmers, such as revitalising soils and supporting pollinators, buffering them from the worsening impacts of climate change. It is as simple as this: nature restoration is about our future.”