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EU Commission Work Plan 2022


20 Oct 2021


Public Affairs

Brussels/Frankfurt, 19 October 2021 – On the occasion of the EU Commission's 2022 work programme published today, VDMA Executive Managing Director Thilo Brodtmann demands:

"The EU Commission's work programme for next year underlines the EU executive's strong will to shapethe future. It wants to advance the green and digital transformation in Europe and that is also right. However, the more than 60 individual measures for 2022 also show that the EU authority will not only demand considerable readiness for change from member states, companies and citizens, but also impose further burdens. Particularly in the area of product regulation, which is so important for mechanical engineering, the Commission is stepping on the accelerator. However, it must not forgotten that all of this must also be implemented. 

EU initiatives that have already been adopted and are on the table are already demanding immense effortsfrom companies, but also from authorities, to implement them. That is why it is crucial that the EU Commission keeps the burdens of the announced regulations low and leaves entrepreneurs room for innovation. Otherwise, the digital and green transformation will fail. Only with technology-neutral and market-compliant rules can the goals be achieved. “

A photo of VDMA Executive Director Thilo Brodtmann can be found here.

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