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ETNO welcomes G8 focus on the future of Internet


24 May 2011



e-G8 Forum

Brussels – ETNO welcomes the inclusion of the future of the Internet on the Agenda of the G8 Heads of State in Deauville on 26-27 May, confirming the key role Internet is playing in daily lives and businesses and the need to give a global answer to the challenges that the whole industry along the digital value chain is facing. ETNO is taking part in the two-day eG8 Forum on 24-25 May hosted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, to gather views from industry stakeholders on the future of the Internet.

“The eG8 Forum is a key and timely initiative for a common debate amongst political leaders and the representatives of the global ICT industry on the role that the digital economy is playing in the world economic and social stage. The European telecommunications industry believes that for citizens and businesses to continue to reap the full benefits of the Internet, a reflection on the sustainability of the current economic model of the Internet is needed. ETNO hopes that this top level Summit will contribute to stimulate the discussion on the long term sustainability of the digital value chain”, said Luigi Gambardella, ETNO Executive Board Chairman.

Network operators are faced with an exponential growth of fixed and mobile Internet traffic by up to 100% a year, mainly driven by over the top video applications. Without investment in additional capacity and bandwidth, this rapid increase in data traffic would result in increased congestion endangering the further growth of the Internet. ETNO therefore insists on the necessity to find a new equilibrium to encourage all players of the value chain who generate data traffic to contribute to the investment challenge.
“The rapid increase in both fixed and mobile data traffic calls for a new equilibrium in which all players along the value chain have adequate incentives to invest and innovate, including in the vital communications infrastructure that delivers the internet to end-users. Such policy issues are being faced by the European Commission and it is encouraging to see that they are also being tackled in broader political leadership fora such as the eG8”, added Gambardella.

ETNO calls on policy makers not to pre-empt market outcomes capable of addressing this challenge and increasing overall efficiency. New business models could include a further differentiation of retail offers, end-to-end quality delivery for services and applications with high performance needs, bilateral commercial agreements for traffic delivery etc.

Security and protection of confidentiality are key prerequisites for citizens to further participate in the Information Society and therefore key priorities for ETNO members.

Given that the Internet has no borders, all online services targeting EU citizens should be subject to the same rules of protection of data, independently of the geographic location of the service.

Broadband networks represent huge opportunities for disseminating legitimate content. It is therefore essential that the current system of copyright is adapted to the new technological realities in order to achieve a wider choice of legitimate online content offers and combat illicit filesharing.

ETNO represents Europe’s leading providers of e-communications services and networks and main investors in tomorrow’s high speed networks, who account for a total turnover of €250 billion and one million employees. ETNO members are also actively present on world markets, bringing connectivity to millions of citizens and businesses on the five continents.

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