The EPP needs to respect the independence of the maltese judiciary


17 Nov 2017


Justice & Home Affairs
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Press release

Brussels, 17 November 2017

In response to a press statement made by EPP Group on  the 16 November 2017 entitled “Revoke arrest warrants and provide Russian whistleblower with protection - David Casa”, about the position of Ms Maria Efimova, the Russian whistleblower in the Pilatus case, the Maltese delegation* in the S&D Group said:

“The statement is nothing but an attempt at meddling with the rule of law in Malta.  

It is surreal that just a few hours after they preached about the need for respect of the institutions and the rule of law, Casa and the EPP have launched an attack on the independence of the judiciary. 

In the case of Ms Maria Efimova, the Maltese law courts issued European and International arrest warrants at an August court sitting in which she failed, yet again, to appear in court.  This was for court sittings in criminal proceedings unrelated to any allegations she made against politicians and dating back to months before those allegations.

The EPP has once more fallen prey to the partisan games and spins of MEP Casa, with no regard whatsoever to the objective truth.”



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