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An Energised Union Hits its Targets


10 Apr 2019


Brussels, 9 April 2019: The European Commission today announced that it has achieved its vision for an energy union, continuing to position the European Union as a world leader on renewable energy.
“This is great news and is encouraging to see the EU identifying the role of gas in fighting climate change,” says James Watson, Secretary General Eurogas.
“Many of the EU member states recognise the value natural gas can play as part of the plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade. Of the 28 member states, 17 use natural gas in their plans to further reduce emissions between now and 2030. A further 19 member states mention biogas and biomethane for use in heating, transport, and power generation. In addition, 21 countries refer to the increasing importance of hydrogen.
This shows that Member States are looking at gas not just for its ability to achieve carbon reduction targets in the next ten years, but also how it can contribute in the future, for example, in a circular economy, where biogas reduces or reuses agricultural waste. It is important that gas is recognised for all the benefits it can bring to fighting climate change.”
The Union was designed to provide European citizens with access to sustainable, affordable and secure energy supplies. It has achieved this in just four years by thoroughly modernising European policy on energy and climate.