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ELDR welcomes two new members


12 Nov 2008


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ELDR welcomes two new members

The ELDR Party is pleased to announce that the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Serbia and the People’s Democratic

Union (PDU), Russia, have joined the European liberal democrat family. Both organisations applied for full

membership of ELDR and were officially welcomed into the Party on Thursday 30th October 2008 at the ELDR Council

meeting that took place in Stockholm, Sweden.

Under the leadership of Cedomir Jovanovic, LDP has developed into an influential and strong party that promotes

liberal values in Serbian society and encourages Serbia to establish peaceful and friendly relations with its

neighbours. LDP has 147 local branches, in cities and municipalities throughout the country. It has 119 local

councilors and is represented with 13 MPs in the Serbian parliament.

PDU is led by former Russian prime minister, Mikhail Kasyanov, and is one of the democratic opposition forces

operating in Russia. PDU is currently an independent, non-commercial, liberal opposition political organization

with a membership of more than 56,000 people. The movement is active in 61 regions of Russia, with branches opened

in 55 of these regions.

The ELDR Council also approved the application of existing member party, Yabloko, Russia, to become a full member

of ELDR. Yabloko has been an affiliate member since 2006.

ELDR is now composed of 57 member parties. For more information about ELDR’s presence throughout Europe,

please visit


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