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ELDR kick-starts economic growth for crisis prevention


20 Nov 2009

“The nomination of Herman Van Rompuy (current Belgian Prime Minister) and Baroness Catherine Ashton (current European Commissioner for Trade) as President of European Union and the High Representative of EU respectively mean the start of a new era. Nonetheless, let me express my deep disappointment because of the lack of liberals amongst the four top jobs” Annemie Neyts, President of the ELDR party said this morning at the press conference of the 30th Congress of European liberals in Barcelona.

“It now depends on how many liberal commissioners there will be”, she continued. We ask the conservatives to maintain the pact: as Liberals we want to play a crucial role in the new Commission”.
Neelie Kroes, Commissioner for Competition, while she expressed her concern on the choice of the EU presidency, said she was happy about the nomination of a woman as a High Representative.

In such a sensitive moment, Dick Roche, Irish Minister for European Affairs said: “It is critically important that the EU focuses on the big issues such as creating sustainable jobs, providing energy security and re-establishing the link between the citizens and Europe”. ELDR is the best and really the only one able to establish a dialogue on Europe amongst citizens. We must win again the minds and hearts of people”.

Talking about the theme resolution of the Congress, Annemie Neyts highlighted “that in this resolution there is a new path for sustainability and economic growth: ‘greening’ the economy, boosting investments in technology, research and creativity, and providing a functioning regulation, which aims to prevent new crises.”
Artur Mas, Catalan leader of Convergencia, ELDR member said: “Never before have Catalans prepared such an international political event. On the path of the liberal thought now we have to keep increasing the welfare state, and the liberal answers are the best in Europe.”

Strengthening the liberal message of the Congress, Neelie Kroes put forward the single market and the common currency as real milestones for European Liberals: “It means no borders and in the same time we maintain our cultures and our languages. If e.g. Ireland hadn’t had the Euro, the situation would have been even worse. As Commissioner for Competition, she concluded, I am the referee ensuring a fair game, making the rules clear and transparent, especially in such a hard moment. As liberals we are aware that we need to keep the market rules and fight protectionism”.


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