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ELDR conference on the future of the euro zone


02 Jun 2010


Euro & Finance

Thursday 17th June 2010 - 13.00 to 15:00

Concert Noble, rue d’Arlon 82, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

In the framework of the upcoming summit of EU leaders in June, the European liberals organise a public conference about the present situation in the euro zone, in view of the developments in Greece and other member states, to discuss our liberal views on this subject and the way forward.

The speakers include  ELDR Party President, Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck MEP, Siim Kallas, European Commission Vice President (Estonia), who will present the Estonian perspective of the state of play in the euro zone in view of Estonia’s expected entry into the euro at the beginning of next year; a representative from the European Banking Federation and Olle Schmidt MEP, Coordinator of the European Parliament’s committee on the economic and financial crisis who will talk about possible measures for strengthening euro zone cooperation and the European financial supervisory framework.

“The idea behind the euro zone is to ensure European prosperity – why one has to look at the longer term effects for European financial stability, rather than applying populistic short-term behaviour. Reliable policies are not built by turncoats.”

What effects would the dissolution of the euro zone have for the EU? What effects would it have for the mutual trust and cooperation between European neighbours? I believe that the longer term effects would benefit neither Europe nor Greece. It stands perfectly clear that Greece will not avoid going through a thorough domestic reconstruction process, similar to that of e.g. Ireland”, comments ELDR Party President, Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck MEP, ahead of the conference. 

The conference is open to the press who can participate in the panel discussion.

For more information about the conference and to confirm your participation please contact Robert Plummer,, + For press enquiries, please contact Chiara Puletti +