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ECPC participation at the 5th Gago Conference 2022


05 Oct 2022


Health & Consumers

The 5th Gago Conference on European Science Policy will be held on October 6, 2022, in Heidelberg. Since its first edition, which was held in Porto, Portugal on 14th February 2018, the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) has been an active part of this forum to include patients in Policy and Research and to empower them in becoming co-creators of their own health.

The conference is an international platform to debate on emerging issues of research and innovation policy in Europe.

The theme for this year is “Cancer research: Society at the frontiers   of   knowledge.” The primary objective of these conferences is to bring together leading representatives from academic, business, social, culture and government sectors worldwide to present and discuss current and future issues of critical importance for European science and technology, including their impact to foster social and economic development and shared prosperity both at home and abroad.

ECPC President and the Board Member of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences (EACS), Francesco De Lorenzo, will deliver a speech on “Emerging developments in European cancer policy”. De Lorenzo states that ‘’There is a need of Advocacy Patients to be co-creator of research projects in Quality of Life, concerning Health’s related Quality of Life aspects.’’