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Economic Governance: no taboo subjects in Europe. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group


08 Feb 2011



Addressing Herman Van Rompuy, the Chairman of the EPP Group welcomed debate in Europe on all subjects, including social and financial matters. "But this must be done in a communitarian context without giving the impression that we are imposing." Joseph Daul also called on the Member States to speak with one voice in the world. The situation in Egypt proves that we're not there yet.

The Chairman of the main European parliamentary Group said that he was satisfied with the European Council's decisions on 4 February. He also welcomed the fact that finally, the EU-27 have recommended increased investment in nuclear energy. "Yes, and even if those who are anti-nuclear dislike it, this is one of the kinds of energy we must count on and it was time that the European Council had the political courage to take the decision", said Joseph Daul.

"Like Herman Van Rompuy, I am worried about the situation in Egypt. But on top of this, I am worried because, despite alleged advances in the Lisbon Treaty, Europe is continuing to communicate in an unorganised fashion on foreign affairs". He continued: "Does this make us better understood, better respected by our partners? I don't think so, and my Group doesn't think so. Once again, the solution is not less Europe, but more Europe: a Europe which speaks loudly with one voice, a Europe which makes its message, its own values and its own sensitivities heard."

Finally, Joseph Daul welcomed that "questions on key issues such as retirement age, the length of the working week, salary indexation, or the limitation of public debt in national constitutions have all been put on the European agenda. These are subjects which we must discuss. Moreover, these are subjects which our citizens have been talking about for several months already!".

"But we must discuss and make decisions on all these subjects without giving the impression that we are imposing. We must do it in a European framework, according to the Community method which has already proven its worth. Yes, we must talk about things that anger us as without this, solidarity will no longer be accepted or adopted. And without solidarity, there is no Europe."

(Translation from the original French)

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Joseph DAUL MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, Tel: +32-2-2847525
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Notes to Editors:
The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 265 Members.