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Discharge 2009: Parliament calls for more efficiency for itself. Ville Itälä MEP


11 May 2011

The European Parliament today adopted the Report and granted the discharge of the European Parliament's budget for 2009 with a large majority, on a proposal by Rapporteur Ville Itälä MEP.

In his Report, Mr Itälä highlighted the need to find the most cost-effective ways of using financial and staff resources, including possible savings. Some of the recommendations adopted concern the travelling between the three places of work and the Parliament's security.

"In this current economical situation, the European Parliament should set an example in cost-cutting. Instead of consuming more, we have to find new ways of doing things. Therefore, it is of vital importance that we ourselves are critical of Parliament's past spending", said the Rapporteur.

The Parliament adopted the point in the Report which calls for 'the need to critically review potential savings at all levels including at Union level. In light of this situation, stresses that real savings could be achieved if Parliament only had one workplace in the same location.' Ville Itälä expressed his content at this outcome.

The Parliament also pointed out that the Parliament's security policies should be improved. According to the Parliament, 'the new security policy should aim to strike a balance which is cost-effective between internal staff and external agents and between security concerns, on the one hand, and accessibility and openness on the other hand, in order to enable Parliament to remain, as much as possible, an open and accessible Institution.'

The discharge of the European Parliament for the year 2009
Discharge procedure

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