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Czech-led project E! 3161 LOGCHAIN+ E-RAILMAP wins EUREKA Innovation Days Award 2009


25 Jun 2009


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The EUREKA 2009 Innovation Days Award for outstanding technological and commercial achievement went today to Czech-led project E! 3161 LOGCHAIN+ E-RAILMAP (electronic rail map of Europe). Software company JERID, a Czech SME, along with partners from Austria and Germany, developed a powerful new computer software package for managing freight transport.

Some 19 projects exhibiting at the EUREKA Innovation Days event in Lisbon were judged by two independent experts, Professor Manuel Carrondo from Portugal and Dr Eberhard Seitz from Germany, on their socio-economic and market impact and level of technological innovation. The prize was awarded by José Mariano Gago, the Portuguese minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

‘Right now, on the European market, it is only possible to obtain very general electronic maps or one of several types of paper rail map,’ explained Petr Kroca, marketing manager for JERID. ‘But these maps do not provide sufficient railway details, and printed maps cannot integrate updated data until they are reprinted. So, the information shown may not be an accurate reflection of the reality on the ground.’
New solutions to an old problem
Efficiently tracking and tracing transported goods is possible only when certain conditions are met and all transport parameters are precisely defined. The objective of the LOGCHAIN+ E-RAILMAP project was to create an electronic map of the European railway network, capable of delivering the kind of real information needed for better rail freight transport.

Conventional printed wall maps can only provide for basic orientation within the network, says Kroca. With support from EUREKA, JERID, along with German partner Ptv Planung Transport Verkehr Ag and Info Trans Logistik Systems Gmbh of Austria, have gone much further, developing a powerful tool that collects information on rail wagon positions, using conventional methods of railway system data gathering and innovative telematics technologies.

Measurable success
‘LOGCHAIN+ E_RAILMAP has been a very successful project,’ says Kroca. ‘We have created a real and profitable software product, with many satisfied customers, now numbering 200 in 12 countries all over Europe. Our maps include the positions of all railway stations and additional tools for tracking objects such as individual wagons, trains and locomotives.’
LOGCHAIN+ E_RAILMAP opens the way for more efficient and environmentally friendly freight transport, increasing the relative attractiveness of rail versus road. At the same time, it has resulted in real economic benefits for JERID and partners. JERID alone has seen a 32% turnover increase and 10 new jobs have been created as a direct result of the project success.
More information : JERID, spol. s r.o., Tr. Kosmonautu, 1103/6a, CZ - 772 11 Olomouc-Hodolany. Tel.: +420 587 439 250, Fax: +420 585 226 282.,
Brussels, 19 June 2009