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CPME Board meeting 15 March 2008 outcomes


27 Mar 2008


Health & Consumers

CPME Subcommittees and Board met on 14 and 15 March 2008 in Ljubljana. This was the first Board meeting chaired by CPME President Dr Michael Wilks, who commenced his mandate on 1 January 2008 for a 2 year period.

The following policy documents were adopted:

Commitments to EU Alcohol and Health Forum EN / FR

CPME committed to engage clinicians in direct advice to patients in primary care, emergency treatment and occupational health settings. CPME will also support policies to increase taxation on alcoholic drinks. Finally, the provision of information on alcohol-related harm and safe drinking messages on medical association websites will be promoted.

CPME will submit these commitments to the forthcoming Open Forum and the Plenary session that will take place in Brussels on 16 & 17 April 2008. CPME is a signatory of the Charter and a founding member of the Alcohol & Health Forum which was officially launched in June 2007.

Statement on unethical drugs testing EN / FR

CPME considered the SOMO (Center for research on multinational corporations) report on “Ethics for drug testing in low and middle income countries”. In this report, SOMO argues that European authorities grant EU marketing authorisation based on clinical trials which are unethical.

CPME therefore urges the European Commission and the European Parliament to ensure the full implementation of the relevant regulations. CPME also urges the EMEA and national pharmaceutical authorities to no longer accept clinical trial data that are not in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki.

Reaction to the EU Commission’s White Paper on “A Strategy for Europe on Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity-Related Issues” EN / FR

CPME welcomes the EU Commission’s White Paper and particularly its inclusive approach to the control and reversal of the overweight and obesity epidemic.

Physical, socio-economic and cultural environments need to be taken into consideration. CPME proposes to adopt measures in a variety of fields ranging from the Common Agricultural Policy, to housing and workplace policies and equality policies. The needs of populations as a whole, with particular consideration to vulnerable groups, also require to be properly addressed.

CPME is promoting a culture of positive practice by doctors and their allies in healthcare to educate and encourage healthy lifestyles in their patients and in their communities. It therefore favours the application of all measures necessary to assist consumers to access and choose healthy alternatives to foods high in fats, salt and sugar at an acceptable price.

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The Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), representing about 2 million doctors through the National Medical Associations of the European Union / European Economic Area, aims to promote the highest standards of medical training and medical practice in order to achieve the highest quality of health care for all citizens of Europe.


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