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Commission proposes disappointing LCV emission targets


02 Nov 2009



Brussels, 2nd November 2009

The FIA Eurocouncil is very disappointed by the latest proposal of the European Commission especially regarding the considerable delays in the implementation of LCV CO2 emission targets. The initially planned dates, 175 g/km average CO2 emissions by 2012 and 160 g/km by 2016 would have been more beneficial not only for the climate but also for the consumer thanks to the improved fuel economy.

The FIA Eurocouncil is welcoming the target curves concept. It corresponds with the proposal the FIA and the European automobile clubs have worked out on the base of their own data, with the objective to gain a balance between achievability and climate protection. But due to the fact, that more than 10% of the new van models are reaching the step 1 targets already today, the FIA Eurocouncil is criticising the postponed introduction dates.

On October 28th the European Commission adopted a legislative proposal concerning the reduction of CO2 emissions of light commercial vehicles (vans). In a first step the fleet average CO2 emission from new vans is reduced to 175 g/km. This will be phased in from 2014 with 75% to 2016 with 100% of the fleet. And in a second step, by 2020, the average emission will be reduced to 135 g/km. The individual emission limits are set according to the reference weight of the van (kerb weight + 60kg). The target curves are set in such a way that the fleet averages of 175 g/km respectively 135 g/km are achieved.

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