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Commentary on the agreement by the EU ministers on temporary employment and working time on 9 June, 2008


13 Jun 2008


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"CESI welcomes the improvement of the situation of temporary workers in terms of labour law as a positive signal in the run-up to the Social Agenda, to be unveiled in July. In terms of granting temporary workers equal opportunities, in particular in the area of maternity leave and remuneration, the European Union has accommodated the wishes of the trade unions and removed a dreadful injustice".

On the other hand, the European Union has forfeited the chance to attain a fundamental improvement in the situation of workers by revising the working time directive. The trade unions only managed to obtain a partial success in pushing through their demands for a greater involvement of the social partners in the field of opt-out rules, so that a 60-hour week can only be exceeded in future following a collective agreement. However, the European Union did not make waves with the revision of the working time directive. The CESI will not stand by accepting the outcome, but will direct her coming actions towards the European Parlament."

Helmut Müllers, CESI General Secretary
CESI is the mouthpiece for eight million workers in the public and private sector. Founded in 1990 as a European umbrella organisation bringing together independent and free trade unions with affiliates in more than 20 European Union Member States, it is recognised by the European Commission as a social partner.
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