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COGEN Europe (Poznan): An integrated energy policy is needed to deliver an integrated, low carbon, energy solution


26 Nov 2008

An integrated energy policy is needed to deliver an integrated, low carbon, energy solution Press Release 26

November 2008

On December 5th at the Trade Centre in Poznan, COGEN Europe highlights the urgent need to develop an Energy

Integration Policy. Launching the Energy Integration Project during the “Econcern Sustainable Energy Event”,

COGEN Europe will outline the challenges already understood from integration in the real world of cogeneration and

outline a practical route to the target carbon levels needed for sustainability. The project will present its

findings in Copenhagen in 2009.
COGEN Europe’s “Energy Integration Project” (EIP) will focus politicians, policy makers and citizens on the

practical steps needed to create a sustainable future. The project takes up the challenge of integrating different

sustainable energy approaches: renewables, energy efficiency, cogeneration, etc. into one demand/supply concept.

Cogeneration installations already face the challenge of supplying energy: both heat and electricity, together on

one site. The EIP challenges the traditional ideas of where and how to start the process and using lessons learned

from cogeneration identifies where the real challenges lie.
Building on work carried out in several studies including work by the International Energy Agency CHP/DH

Collaborative, COGEN Europe, the World Alliance for Decentralised Energy (WADE), and others, the EIP will scope the

size of the challenge facing two metropolitan areas and identify alternative paths and timescales to reaching

target carbon levels. Using knowledge developed through practical experience of managing heat and electricity

supply together, the project will identify the range of successful policy tools which create a supportive structure

for the integrated supply of energy.

The EIP will explore the synergetic effects of integrating various approaches over the individual optimisation

and will finally recommend a mix of technical, economic, regulatory and other measures, including behavioural

changes, to fulfil the long term sustainability target for big metropolitan areas in Europe.
The EIP seminar will be delivered by Mr. Kees den Blanken and is part of the “Econcern Sustainable Energy Event”

in Poznan 1-12 December 2008.

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