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CFSP - Only a demilitarised Europe can be a force for peace


11 Mar 2010


Global Europe

Calling for the demilitarisation of the EU in the debate on security and defence today in the European Parliament with High Representative Ashton, GUE/NGL MEP Willy Meyer said his group "does not accept the relationship between the EU and NATO enhanced by the Treaty of Lisbon and would only support policies of demilitarization".

"The CFSDP should be based on peaceful principles, tackling issues such as insecurity and terrorism by civil means rather than military" said Meyer. "We are witnessing the largest military build-up in history with arms spending superior even to Cold War levels. We demand the withdrawal of all U.S. military bases from the territory of EU Member States and we demand that military spending be used for civilian purposes in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals".

Sabine Lösing MEP reiterated the GUE/NGL's deep concern about the dangerous development of EU foreign policy towards increased militarization, pointing to the example of Afghanistan. 

"Afghanistan is unfortunately a very recent example of military intervention bringing suffering, death and long-lasting devastation rather than peace".

Lösing also criticised the framing of the climate refugees issue as a military concern by rapporteur Danjean. "If people have to flee the countries of the South because water and food are becoming increasingly scarce, they become a security problem for Europe - this is cynical and misanthropic!" she said, calling for the EU to take a leadership role in demilitarisation and especially in nuclear disarmament.


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