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Cable Europe statement on European Commission’s requests to end French & Spanish 'telecoms taxes'


01 Oct 2010



The European Commission made a formal request this week for Spain and France to end “telecoms taxes” which were introduced to compensate for a loss of revenue from public TV channels. We do not just warmly welcome this move – we heartily cheer it. The Commission has made a clear demonstration to not just two Member States but to all of Europe that it takes better regulation seriously by expecting it from its constituent countries. The EU today also rejected the reflex to place the burden of one segment of business on another through a dubious tax measure. At a time when the Digital Agenda makes up a crucial component of Europe’s economic recovery, it is vital to recognize the important role of the ICT industry and to avoid at all costs any moves which hinder its ability to continue its job in contributing to Europe’s growth.

Caroline Van Weede

Managing Director

Cable Europe




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