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Cañete still has many questions to answer and must cooperate fully with anti-fraud office investigation


12 Jul 2016


Euro & Finance
Justice & Home Affairs

Commissioner Cañete was questioned today by MEPs from the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee following allegations over his financial interests.

S&D Spokesperson for Legal Affairs, Evelyn Regner, said:
“After the meeting with Commissioner Cañete the majority of the Legal Affairs Committee is going to present recommendations to the President of the European Parliament. We note the fact that Commissioner Cañete has denied the allegations against him and has insisted he has acted in both a legal and moral way. However, large questions remain about his conduct and his suitability as a representative of the Commission. It is essential that the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) investigates the matter fully. Mr Cañete neatly side-slapped my question on what investigations are taking place and whether he would cooperate fully with OLAF’s work. We have called on him to waive judicial secrecy so OLAF can come and speak to our committee about their findings.
"The Legal Affairs Committee should take an official position on Cañete's actions. We need to show to the European public that Commissioners can be held to account for their actions and be transparent about their financial interests. This is not just about whether Commissioner Cañete acted in a legal way but whether he has acted with the moral and personal character needed in such a high-profile public role."

Iratxe García Pérez, Head of the Spanish delegation to the S&D Group, added:
"This morning Mr. Commissioner Cañete constantly avoided taking political responsibility. He did give satisfactory answers to any of the issues that we raised. For example on his vote in favor of a tax amnesty from which his wife then benefited or on his involvement in Acuamed case. We are not here to judge whether he has committed a crime or not, but it is clear to use that he has not acted in a morally acceptable or transparent way for someone in his position.”