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Biotechnology is a key contributor to the Net-Zero Industry Act


26 Apr 2024


Climate & Environment

Brussels, 26 April 2024 

EuropaBio welcomes the European Parliament’s vote on the Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA),  underscoring the pivotal role of biotechnology in achieving carbon neutrality across industries aligned  with the Green Deal goals. 

“We welcome the inclusion of biotechnology as a Net-Zero Technology in the Net-Zero Industry Act,”  commented Dr Claire Skentelbery, Director General of EuropaBio. “Industrial biotechnology and  biomanufacturing play a crucial role in achieving net-zero emissions, for example, by replacing a non renewable resource with one that is bio-based, or by using techniques such as fermentation, which  can be less energy-intensive than conventional processes and which often hold the added bonus of  reducing chemical intermediates such as solvents. It’s just a more sustainable end to end process.” 

The adoption of the NZIA by the European Parliament marks a significant milestone in advancing  sustainable technologies like biotechnology to address climate change, preserve the integrity of the  Single Market, and foster investment and scale-up. Together with the STEP Regulation and  Biotechnology & Biomanufacturing Initiative, the NZIA recognizes biotechnology as a key driver of  innovation, contributing to the EU’s sustainability goals in a variety of sectors, including food and feed,  consumer products, and energy.  

The NZIA identifies and supports key technologies and industries contributing to the EU’s Green Deal  to create better conditions by reducing regulatory burdens, fast tracking permitting, and facilitating  information sharing.  

EuropaBio looks forward to collaborating with policymakers and other stakeholders to harness the  potential of biotechnology in achieving green transition, food security and resilience for Europe and  beyond. 


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