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Better protect mobile workers with European Social Security Pass, S&Ds call on European Commission


25 Nov 2021


Social Europe & Jobs

Today, the European Parliament is set to adopt a resolution calling for the rapid realisation of a European Social Security Pass, which was first announced in the European Social Pillar Action Plan. The Socialists and Democrats want the European Social Security Pass to allow the real-time verification of a worker’s place of work, place of employment, employment relationship, identity and social security benefits. It must cover all mobile citizens and workers, as well as the self-employed and third country nationals.

Marianne Vind, S&D MEP responsible for the European Social Security Pass, said:

“To ensure mobile workers can carry their social benefits with them across borders, we must speed up the digitalisation of social security. A European Social Security Pass would facilitate cooperation between EU countries and also be an effective tool in the fight against social security fraud and abuse.

“European cooperation is based on the freedom of movement. We must ensure that this is not abused for social dumping though letterbox companies and undeclared work, but is managed in a fair and social way. The European Social Security Pass is a tool for safeguarding fair working conditions and upholding social standards. We call on the Commission to step up its ambition and propose the Pass without further delay.”

 Gabriele Bischoff, S&D MEP responsible for the Social Security Coordination, said:

“There is an urgent need for digital solutions and improved coordination through national and European digital instruments. This can and will significantly improve fair mobility and will have an enormous impact on working conditions in Europe. There are no excuses in times when the COVID crisis has proven that such solutions can be put in place rapidly so that our citizens can move across borders safely."