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Annual EU Conference on Privacy and Data Protection: ETNO calls for a consistent data protection framework on both sides of the Atlantic


19 Mar 2012



Annual EU Conference on Privacy and Data Protection – Washington DC / Brussels

ETNO calls for a consistent data protection framework on both sides of the Atlantic

Brussels - Commissioner Reding has been instrumental in placing a sound legislative proposal on the table to help strengthen the privacy rights of European citizens while lessening the administrative burden for businesses, says ETNO on the occasion of the annual EU conference on privacy and data protection held today in Washington DC.

The EU proposal for a Data Protection regulation is a first step towards establishing a sound and future proof framework, building on Europe’s high level of data protection while adapting to the realities of the Digital Age. While both the US and the EU share the same overall objective of having a sound regulatory framework on privacy, ETNO recognizes the challenges of trying to bridge the different legal systems and traditions. It is, however, necessary to have a certain level of cohesion given the global nature of the Internet and the importance of cross-border business:

data protection rules should not be developed in an isolated manner. This is not only in the interests of businesses, but ultimately in the interests of citizens”, says Luigi Gambardella, ETNO Executive Board Chair.

Some work still needs to be done to ensure that this proposal results in a final framework that both protects citizens and allows for business innovation to continue. ETNO is however encouraged by the progress made to date and will continue to engage in the process to share the views and experiences of the largest players and investors in the European telecommunications sector.

Both consumers and pan-European businesses, and hence the Digital Single Market, will benefit from a unified framework across Europe and a comprehensive set of rules for all players in the ICT value chain targeting EU citizens.

Having a level playing field will provide certainty for users that increasingly see no borders and for businesses that are extending their reach. Ultimately this will increase users’ trust in the digital economy and contribute to a higher take up of broadband services, in line with the Digital Agenda objectives.

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