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Access to In-vehicle Data: Automotive Suppliers support the European Commission’s focus on fair market access


22 May 2018


CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, shares the view of the European Commission that data generated in connected vehicles provides an enormous potential to create new services and products and to revolutionise business models affecting many market participants. The Commission’s intention to define an enabling framework for vehicle data sharing in order to secure fair completion is highly appreciated by the automotive component and system providers.
“Access to data means access to future business,” says Sigrid de Vries, Secretary General of CLEPA: “Fair and equal access to in-vehicle data and resources is key to utilise the full potential of new and innovative data-based business models. CLEPA and its members are looking forward to an open dialogue with the Commission and other market participants to find the best enabling framework to ensure fair and undistorted competition between service providers in this emerging market of data-based mobility services.”
With the mandatory eCall functionality for all new vehicles sold in Europe, CLEPA expects a rapidly increasing car fleet with a communication device allowing the remote interaction with the vehicle and the driver. As recognised by the Commission, first data-based business model are already offered to consumers, primarily launched by vehicle manufacturers having a privileged access to vehicle data and resources like to the vehicle dash board.
“The dashboard will be the new point of sales”, added De Vries. Therefore, CLEPA appreciates the approach of the Commission of a fair level playing field as defined before in the C-ITS legislative resolution. A first step was made with the modernised legislation on fair access to repair and maintenance information to independent repairers with the expansion to repair and maintenance activities supported by wireless networks.
CLEPA sees all these efforts only being effective if an equal access to vehicle data and resources for all market participants can be ensured. As a more immediate solution, CLEPA supports the market implementation of neutral-server based solutions, however without excluding other short- or longer term alternatives. Equally, until technically and economically viable alternatives are widely available in the market, the existing means of access to in-vehicle data should remain open as they are today.
Note to the editor:
CLEPA represents over 3.000 companies supplying state-of-the-art components and innovative technology for safe, smart and sustainable mobility, investing over 20 billion euros yearly in research and development. Automotive suppliers in Europe employ nearly five million people across the continent.
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