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Telecom policy: the EU needs stimulation of investment in networks

CEEP (European Centre of Public Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services) just published recommendations for the electronic communications review “Telecom Package” (opinion 2008/10 – attached).

Breakthrough in rail cooperation

Chief Executives from 30 rail infrastructure organisations were gathered in Brussels yesterday to discuss a number of key issues facing the rail industry. The meeting, hosted by Infrabel, the Belgian rail infrastructure manager, dealt with topics including improving rail performance in Europe and facilitating easy cross border operation. The meeting was co-organised by the association of European Rail Infrastructure Managers (EIM) and the Community of European Railway Companies and Infrastructure Managers (CER).

European metalworkers and auto manufacturers urge EU to better balance trade negotiations

The European Metalworkers' Federation (EMF) and the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)
oppose the conditions for Non-Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) proposed within the framework of the current WTO ‘Doha’ Round. These conditions, specified by the NAMA secretariat this week, risk undermining the
competitiveness of the EU industries, putting pressure on production costs and employment.

Recent scientific research results warn that precaution should be taken when recommending universal salt reduction for healthy p

The results of a recent observational study in the US indicate that people taking in the lowest amounts of Sodium in their diet have a higher risk dying from heart disease than people not restricting salt intake. This concedes with several recent studies demonstrating that there is no conclusive evidence to indicate that high salt consumption leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular events

UK agreement on temporary agency workers: paving the way for a European solution?

The agreement reached in the UK on temporary agency workers is very welcome to CEEP (European Centre of Public Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services) as it may at last unblock the logjam at European level over both the Working Time Directive and the Temporary Agency Workers Directive

Une nouvelle stratégie européenne pour les régions ultrapériphériques

Le Parlement européen réuni en session plénière ce mardi 20 mai à Strasbourg a procédé à l'examen et au vote du rapport de Mme Sudre (PPE) "sur la stratégie européenne pour les Régions Ultrapériphériques (RUP): bilan et perspectives"
Ce vote intervient une semaine après le séminaire sur les RUP organisé par la Commission européenne à Bruxelles, auquel a participé la Députée Madeleine de Grandmaison, et qui a réuni la plupart des acteurs politiques et socio-économiques des sept RUP européennes.

Monitoring and celebrating progress made on the 3rd anniversary of the obesity platform

A voluntary food labelling system developed by the EU food and drink industry is being taken up by companies of all sizes across the EU, it emerged on the third anniversary of the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health

IRU and ETF agree joint requirements for the 12-day derogation in bus and coach occasional international transport

IRU and ETF adopt common view on how the EU should achieve the introduction of a 12-day driving derogation to EU driving and rest time rules.

Pure Power on the Horizon- More than one third of the EU's new electricity generating capacity will be wind power

Wind power has experienced dramatic growth over the past years. It currently meets 3.7% of the EU electricity demand and has ranked second in terms of net power capacity additions over the last eight years (3). This strong development can be maintained, and further reinforced in the coming years, as long as the clear commitment from the European Union and its Member States continues. Swift adoption of the new EU Renewables Energy Directive by the European Parliament and the Council is the key to a strong future development.

Diversity Management in the light of demographic changes

Diversity Management in the light of demographic changes was under discussion in the Second Corporate Social Responsibility-Day organised by the European Social Dialogue Committee for the Postal Sector.


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