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Consumers can be assured that paper recycling benefits the environment and society!

Paper recycling is a positive action for the climate and fosters sustainable growth and jobs.

“Every piece of paper in your recycling bin counts for a better environment and society”, said Phil Mogel, Chairman of the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC), representing 14 sectors along the paper value chain.

Consumers International

Consumer-driven micro CHP discussions in Brussels on 21-22 April.

Europe’s thriving micro CHP sector is leading the field in technology innovation bringing cogeneration
within reach of individual consumers. At COGEN Europe’s Annual Conference in Brussels the Smart
Power Foundation (SPF) will present the latest developments in the leading market of the Netherlands.
As manufacturers in Europe gear up for volume production, the real desires and benefits of the
consumer are debated among the various different market models.

Green buildings attracting higher rents in US

Doing Well by Doing Good? An analysis of the financial performance of green office buildings in the USA.

Buildings in the US with a high Energy Star rating are attracting rental premiums of three percent per square foot compared with non-green buildings of the same size, location and function, according to new research commissioned by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

IRU united to fight fraud!

IRU’s Goods Transport Council today unanimously adopted a Resolution targeting the prevention and penalisation of fraudulent activities in the road freight transport sector.

Geneva - The IRU’s Goods transport Council (CTM) today unanimously adopted a Resolution on the fight against fraud in the road freight transport aiming to reduce opportunities for dishonest shippers and intermediaries, involved in often long chains of transport orders, to misuse the present difficult market conditions to abuse transport operators.

Addressing the global economic crisis while fighting inequalities

Health ministers and experts meeting in Oslo, Norway, today call for solutions to the economic crisis that do not threaten health objectives, despite budgetary constraints.

CPME - The Standing Committee of European Doctors

Revised Eco-Management and Audit Scheme lacks teeth

The result of today’s vote in the European Parliament on the Community Eco- Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)1 does little to improve the ambition of the scheme. ANEC and ECOS regret that the opportunity to transform the
European scheme into a true system of excellence has again been missed by the European institutions. The sole improvement to the scheme is the introduction of sectoral reference documents, which are to be taken into account
by EMAS registered organisations when reporting on their environmental performance.

2008 fuel ethanol production in the EU

Strong produc,on growth despite legal uncertain,es
A"er a rather moderate growth in 2007 (11%) European fuel ethanol produc=on increased considerably in 2008. The strong growth of almost 60% came to a =me where the EU legal framework for biofuels was under discussion and biofuels were under cri=que.

Total EU produc'on in 2008 was an es=mated 2.8 billion litres up from 1.8 billion litres the previous year. This represents a significant increase of 56%.

Worldwide praise to EU for protecting birds

- Commissioner Dimas at BirdLife event celebrating 30th anniversary of EU Birds Directive –

- however, dramatic decline of many migratory birds continues -


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