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European auto industry rejects present EU position in ‘Doha’ trade negotiations

With the WTO Doha Round entering into a critical phase, the European automobile manufacturers urge the EU Member States and the Commission to reconsider their policy in current trade negotiations. The EU is prepared to open up the European market for non-European producers without ensuring reciprocal measures for European manufacturers.

New common capacity allocation office in Central-Eastern Europe founded by eight Transmission System Operators to foster develop

New common capacity allocation office in Central-Eastern Europe founded by eight Transmission System Operators to foster development of regional electricity market

Industry to review possibly impact of draft EIF 2.0

Brussels, 17 July 2008 – “CompTIA is studying the IDABC’s lengthy new draft proposal to update the European Interoperability Framework.  The importance of the framework cannot be overstated.  Though it seeks to guide how diverse governments’ bodies across multiple borders use ICT to “talk” to each other, it sen

New European Pilot Fatigue Rules Come into Force. Do Airlines and Authorities Neglect Flight Safety?

On 16 July, all airlines and EU countries must apply new legislation on “Flight Time Limitations” (FTL). This aims to prevent pilot fatigue becoming a risk to the passengers’ safety. While most passengers will not be aware of this important event, it is a potential milestone for aviation safety in Europe.

However, many airlines and countries are unlikely to be ready, despite having had 18 months to prepare. Will aircraft be grounded if they don’t comply with EU safety rules? Are the new rules as safe as they should be?

Commercial TV calls for clear rules to ensure competition in the audiovisual market

Brussels, 17 July 2008 – On the occasion of the “European Conference on the Public Service Broadcasting in  the  Digital Age”  held  in Strasbo

Print product recyclability boosted with new deinking scorecard

The European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) has adopted a new assessment scheme, the deinkability scorecard, to promote the eco-design of printed products, which will ensure their recyclability and also promote sustainable production processes.

Sustainability Action Plan: an opportunity?

Today, the European Commission has adopted a package to promote sustainable industrial policy and sustainable consumption and production, a move fundamentally endorsed by Orgalime.

Reformed Copyright Collecting System Should Stimulate New Digital Content Services

July 16, 2008 – Brussels: Cable Europe, the industry association representing
Europe’s leading cable operators, today welcomed the decision of the European
Commission to address the monopolistic way in which copyright collecting societies
are organised in Europe (the CISAC case).
Cable Europe  called for a new copyright collecting system that stimulates the
development of new digital content services.  Cable provides digital TV, super fast
Internet and telephony services to more than 73 million customers in Europe.

CISAC regrets the European Commission’s decision concerning reciprocal representation contracts

CISAC and its members count the full costs on creators and users of a recent Commission Decision Paris, July 16, 2008 – CISAC regrets a recent Decision of the European Commission which targets 24 authors’ societies in the European Economic Area. The Decision concerns the reciprocal representation contracts existing between those societies for certain exploitations of musical works via the internet, satellite and cable.

Farmers oppose EU Commissioner Mandelson on WTO

Brussels.  "I find it impossible to understand how Commissioner Mandelson can press for a trade agreement which will make consumers in the EU even more dependent on imports for their basic food supplies at a time  of a world food crisis"  said Jean-Michel LEMÉTAYER, President of the European farmers’


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